4. I need to do something drastic with my hair…



  5. No one knows this…

    But my great grandmother was schizophrenic and my grandmother has dementia… I think about it every day and I am terrified that I’m going to develop it soon.

    I don’t want to forget the people that are around me all the time.

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  8. Rose by XVIII


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    The Four Stages of Domestic Abuse

    Upworthy posted this today… It’s just another terrifying reality of harassment and abuse. This tells me two things:

    1. We shouldn’t be too quick to judge people who stay in abusive relationships; instead we should offer our support and presence. Especially if part of an abusive relationship is to isolate and/or alienate the victim.

    2. Harassers and abusers are constantly testing the waters. We, as a society, need to make sure to push back and let it be known that we will not put up with it. That shit doesn’t fly here!

    You can check out the original Upworthy post at the link below:


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    Yes, I will always reblog this. She speaks the truth.

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    David Cote

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